Who’s sorry now?

Back in October 2015, the Town Council questioned the necessity of Apple Valley Ranchos Water drilling a well to replace others that were reaching the ends of their service lives (Drilling Discord, Daily Press, October 3, 2015). The water experts in Town Hall, including Art Bishop, grilled AVRWC personnel, and even got their amen chorus in the community to chime in.

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Two years of Apple Valley budget cuts

Back in early 2018, the Town of Apple Valley’s annual audit revealed several areas of concern (Audit addresses Apple Valley’s financial issues, Daily Press, March 10, 2018). Newly hired Town Manager Doug Robertson told the Daily Press he had asked each department to come up with 10% reduction across the board, promising, we will have a balanced budget for FY 18-19. Yet two years into Robertson’s cost-cutting program, the town is asking for a tax increase to pay for budget deficits (Town Council vote puts 1% sales tax increase on ballot in Apple Valley, Daily Press, July 29, 2020).

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Sales tax increase (Pettit)

If the Apple Valley Town Council would stop the foolish spending of our taxes, we would have a surplus of cash. Example: golf course, money spent on the attempt to take over the water company, the really stupid purchase of the Hilltop property and so much more. Mr. Doug Robertson, the town manager, is way overpaid. Just check into what he is making. Probably could pay the Sheriff’s office budget for at least a month!

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Update on the trial schedule (Carloni)

The eminent domain case of TOAV vs Liberty Utilities goes reconvenes on 6/15/2020, but the court is not allowing any observers at present (for this or any case). The courtroom can only have 13 people in it at one time besides the staff and judge, so it will be a challenge given the number of counsel, parties, and witnesses. Everyone, per our presiding judge, will be required to stay 6 ft apart.

This will be interesting.

Diana Carloni
Attorney at Law

Court report: Everything on hold

We just received word that all San Bernardino County courts are taking a break from everything but emergency hearings until April 2nd, which means there will be no updates on the Town of Apple Valley’s eminent domain case against Liberty Utilities until after court reconvenes.