Apple Valley: Rotten to the core (High Desert Insider)

A better way of life or rotten to the core? Apple Valley has always tried to portray a certain image. They have always spent much time and money on “PR”. So what is going on here? We went from having millions in reserves and always seemed to be able to pay our bills and provide the services that were needed. Now we are borrowing money to pay for current services. We are a city getting a pay day loan. What type of people use pay day loan services? Most of the time it is someone who is desperate, bad with money and they are in financial trouble. It is safe to say Apple Valley is in financial trouble but how we take care of this problem will determine if the city goes bankrupt.

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‘Costs continue to rise for Missoula’s water utility’ (Rhoades)

“The condemnation of Mountain Water Company was a victory not for good government, efficient utilities or the rate-paying public. It was a victory for lawyers, ‘expert’ witnesses, and foreign bankers. Citizens got left holding the bag. Our water is the same and our rates are the same, but now we owe a mountain of debt and have to repay it without the help of what used to be one of our biggest taxpayers. I wonder if the folks in California will make the same mistake.”

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Apple Valley money saving

I’ve been critical of the Town of Apple Valley’s plan regarding the takeover of the water company, in part because I thought they would never be able to run it as efficiently as Liberty Utilities. Their previously-stated plan to fire the upper management and replace them with more expensive (and less qualified) government employees seemed just part of the insanity.

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AV Pal and the Mud Run (Lee)

These water well costs for Horsemen’s Center, and the Mud Run that followed, really got me thinking. As Al Rice knows, there is an issue that has stuck in my craw for some time. After hearing complaints from others, I long ago started to look at the non-profit situation in the High Desert. These recent issues above fall right into this category.

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