Leadership Committee

The Apple Valley citizens below have taken the lead on shining a light on activities in Apple Valley Town Government, and we encourage you to join us by clicking here!

Diana Carloni-O’Malley

Greg Raven

Kerry Henard

4 thoughts on “Leadership Committee

  1. I agree with most of what you say, and have written many letters to the Daily Press expressing similar views. Why has no one requested the San Bernardino County Civil Grand jury to investigate these matters ?

  2. Hi there, haven’t talked to all of yous in a long time due to some illnesses I have gone through. I am so glad that the judge sided with Liberties Utilities but I have a question, in this News Letter from the TOAV on page 4 “Cooley Construction Water Truck” it mentions that they identified and surveyed two possible locations for a new well, which is expected to cost approximately $500,000. What are they talking about and are they expecting the taxpayers to pay for the bill?

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