Town to livestream water trial closing arguments

Apple Valley, CA – Feb. 2, 2021: Closing arguments in the Town’s water trial to acquire the Liberty Utilities Apple Valley water system are scheduled for Feb. 4 and 5. Due to COVID restrictions, the San Bernardino County courthouse is not open to visitors however the Town will livestream the closing arguments to (click on the green Watch Live button) and on the Town’s public access channels (local Spectrum 186 and Frontier 29).

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Update on the trial schedule (Carloni)

The eminent domain case of TOAV vs Liberty Utilities goes reconvenes on 6/15/2020, but the court is not allowing any observers at present (for this or any case). The courtroom can only have 13 people in it at one time besides the staff and judge, so it will be a challenge given the number of counsel, parties, and witnesses. Everyone, per our presiding judge, will be required to stay 6 ft apart.

This will be interesting.

Diana Carloni
Attorney at Law

Court report: Everything on hold

We just received word that all San Bernardino County courts are taking a break from everything but emergency hearings until April 2nd, which means there will be no updates on the Town of Apple Valley’s eminent domain case against Liberty Utilities until after court reconvenes.

Hidden light on TOAV financials (Rice)

The Apple Valley town manager was hired in January 2018 with financial expertise emphasized to solve deficiencies; assistant town managers were let go. Today, there is no final budget for 2019-20, missing the legal deadline again for a month+. There also is a Prop 218 legal settlement of $3.15 million including $1+ million in legal fees expense, refusal to make any simple column calculation of monthly treasury reports for $50 million investment values management, no fund balances and no monthly department reports.

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