Letter: Fingers in cookie jars

Re: “Apple Valley: Water vote looms after Council’s approval of special election,” Daily Press, 3/10/17 …

It seems to me that the Apple Valley Town Council, in their attempt to produce government regulated revenue, is willing to destroy the town in the process. The town-run golf course comes to mind. What about the revitalization of Hilltop House? The town-run electrical grid? They have their fingers into so many cookie jars that they are unable to turn a profit in any of them. But, the next one will be the winner.

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7 unanswered questions related to the ‘Flint-Apple Valley Connection’



Yesterday, influential conservative blog The Flash Report published an article which included summaries of the “Flint-Apple Valley Report,” which we released mid-September—sharing these nagging issues with a much wider audience.

At the end of the report, we posed 7 questions to our Town Government officials and Town Council members. Not one of them has been answered.

Instead of answers from Finance Director Marc Puckett, or anyone else in Town Government, we were subjected to defensive, carefully crafted letters to the editor from Council members calling these questions “mean-spirited.”

The questions still matter, and they are still unanswered.

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