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A political conservative concerned with quality of life issues.

TOAV Measure ‘Owe’ debt (Rice)

Apple Valley is a desert community 110 miles from the ocean. Yet the Council has invited folks to go sailing without disclosing their current position, that there is no (qualified) captain, no compass, no area charts, no rudder, and no paddles, let alone a seaworthy ship. The council members speak to us from dark rooms, stoically reading from a script someone else prepared that asks for $7 million in additional taxes. What is the embarkation fee per adult, and is there a senior discount?

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Valley Voices: No on Measure O

Mayor Scott Nassif is like the kid who murders his parents and then begs the court for mercy because he’s an orphan. After a decade of fiscally-disastrous decisions and actions, he now pleads for a bail-out on the excuse that the Town is going broke (“Why Measure O is important for Apple Valley,” October 10, 2020). As usual, he is not telling you the full story.

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Who’s sorry now?

Back in October 2015, the Town Council questioned the necessity of Apple Valley Ranchos Water drilling a well to replace others that were reaching the ends of their service lives (“Drilling Discord”, Daily Press, October 3, 2015). The “water experts” in Town Hall, including Art Bishop, grilled AVRWC personnel, and even got their amen chorus in the community to chime in.

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