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I am politically conservative, and thus concerned with quality of life issues.

Another waste of taxpayer money (Valles)

Mayor Art Bishop used a town credit card to pay for his wife’s airline ticket based on credit card statements recently provided to me by town officials. Bishop claims he reimbursed the town (the town had four days to confirm the reimbursement, but so far, all I hear are crickets), but why is it the town’s responsibility to pay upfront for a spouse’s trip. These trainings are supposed to be business trips, right?

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Letter: Frivolous EIR (Carloni)

I read with interest with the article “Town clears hurdle with ruling” by Matthew Cabe, February 23, 2018. I have also read the actual California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) decision issued by Judge Donald Alvarez. Apparently, the mayor and others at the Town have not. The mayor says, “I had complete confidence that the town staff and attorney had properly prepared the documents back in 2015,” which statement is utterly ridiculous in view the Judge’s express statement in his written decision that “The Court will not consider Petitioner’s (Liberty) arguments directed to whether the EIR [Environmental Impact Report] complied with CEQA.” The actual decision did not address the documents and their deficiencies, at all. The decision had nothing to do — zero — with the proper preparation of documents.

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Comments to the Town Council

After reviewing the recent state auditor report on the City of Maywood, I would remind the Town Council you are not insulated from personal liability when you fail properly to exercise your “fiduciary duties.” Concerned citizens have pointed out numerous problems, errors, omissions, and failures in various financial reports, which nevertheless have gained unanimous council approval with neither discussion nor correction.

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Letter: Oversimplified? (Bell)

Two frequent Apple Valley proponents for transparency from our inept Town Council failed to mention that Pat Orr is one of the prime supporters; the insiders who are responsible for their continued re-election. As to the organization chart, prior to the hiring of the new Town Manager, the entire job descriptions of the total unnecessary upper-level layer of assistant managers was rewritten so as to justify the positions they hold but to also give some of them huge raises in salary.

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