About Greg Raven

I am politically conservative, and thus concerned with quality of life issues.

‘The Purge’ (Valles)

A Hollywood movie franchise called “The Purge” takes place in a futuristic dystopian America. Each year during a 12-hour annual purge, all crime is legal, including murder.

But this horror movies isn’t as scary as real life here in San Bernardino County and our Town of Apple Valley where it seems we operate under a 24/7/365 purge of sorts thanks to our do-nothing county sheriff, county supervisor, and Town Council.

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Apple Valley’s car allowance (Valles)

Each member of the Apple Valley Town Council receives a $570 per month vehicle allowance as part of their $30,000 a year salary and benefits package that includes health insurance. I wanted to focus a bit more attention on this vehicle allowance and drill down a bit so that the readers can see what kind of tricks are being played on them.

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Situation politics (Bell)

The Town Council of Apple Valley should do a much better job of managing the town’s business and financial affairs. On paper, we have a majority of what appear to be well qualified (members), however their performance is far from what one would expect from such qualified individuals. As an example: We have a Town Council consisting of three successful business men, one socialist, and one gadfly.

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Credit card audit? Yes, please (Rice)

Recent Daily Press letter “Cut the Credit Cards” is great headline advice to the Town of Apple Valley and taxpayer residents. Public Records reveal that 90 employees use 27 credit cards, an unknown number of American Express cards with thousands in monthly bill payments for many invoices, a very large number of gas cards and high value (thousands) for electronic fund transfers (wire transfers). Staff are using credit cards with others’ names, little if any, guidance and controls are absent and instances of non-employees are using the town’s credit cards. Each and all of these should ask “why” is this going on for years? Airfares are made on short notice with associated higher costs. My observations of invoices and signature sign-offs containing typical notations is not considered to be appropriate of the many “best practices” controls necessary on the many front-end risks associated with credit card usage by a public agency.

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