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I am politically conservative, and thus concerned with quality of life issues.

Sign the petition to allow cargo shipping containers 8×40 feet or smaller on one-acre or larger lots

You may remember that at the Apple Valley Town Council meeting on December 13, 2016, the council voting unanimously to allow cargo shipping containers in the area known as The Village (AKA Ordinance No. 490). As luck would have it, Mayor Scott Nassif and Councilman Larry Cusack each have businesses in this area.
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Felony fall-out

By now everyone must have heard that Apple Valley Assistant Town Manager for Finance Marc Puckett was involved in what is being investigated for a felonious hit-and-run that occurred on July 20 (“Vehicle belonging to AV town manager involved in hit-and-run,” Daily Press, August 7, 2017). Briefly, a woman claims that Mr. Puckett rear-ended her on the I-15 at 11:30 p.m. Mr. Puckett claims she is lying, even though he has acknowledged abandoning his car that night off the side of the freeway in a flood control ditch, in the location where the woman claims to have been hit, and Mr. Puckett’s car appears to have been totaled. As if that’s not enough, Mr. Puckett’s account of what happened that night is incomplete at best, and what he has said about events on that night makes no sense.

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More ‘fake news’

It remains absolutely mind-boggling to me that Town Officials and their “peeps” continue to barrage the public with fake news in order to demonize the Water Company. They speak with impunity as if they truly know what is going on. The most recent fake news is Pat Orr’s column in the Apple Valley Review of July 25, 2017.

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Apple Valley is broke

A critical review of the so-called flat budget, based on prior revelations from the Town of Apple Valley, requires a little interpretation. When they issue a report that bad, you have to wonder … it must be even worse than they are willing to let the public know. The Town Council is not known for its transparency!

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Town raises user/permit fees

Oh, how classic is the irony! The Town of Apple Valley complains about increases in water rates; but it has raised town fees paid by its residents (use of town facilities, parks and recreation, aquatics center, sign permits, building permits, recreation programs, animal control) by 2.7% with a simple public hearing on June 27, 2017, buried in the adoption of the budget. That is the raise for this year! Did you know that in 2006 the same fees were raised 4.5%; in 2007 the fees were raised 4.0%; in 2013 the fees were raised 6.37%; in 2014 the fees were raised 1%; in 2015, a half percent; in 2016 the fees were raised 1.7%; and, now in 2017, the fees are raised 2.7%?

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