7 unanswered questions related to the ‘Flint-Apple Valley Connection’



Yesterday, influential conservative blog The Flash Report published an article which included summaries of the “Flint-Apple Valley Report,” which we released mid-September—sharing these nagging issues with a much wider audience.

At the end of the report, we posed 7 questions to our Town Government officials and Town Council members. Not one of them has been answered.

Instead of answers from Finance Director Marc Puckett, or anyone else in Town Government, we were subjected to defensive, carefully crafted letters to the editor from Council members calling these questions “mean-spirited.”

The questions still matter, and they are still unanswered.

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REPORT: Documents link top Apple Valley official to #FlintWaterCrisis

The Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability has released a report about a key player at Apple Valley Town Hall that casts a shadow on planned Town actions and raises questions of credibility for the Town government.

Flint Journal articles published between 1999 and 2000 showed that Apple Valley Assistant Town Manager for Finance Marc Puckett resigned from his position as Director of Finance for the City of Flint, MI, after it was shown that he had failed to transfer money to the city’s pension fund for two years, costing Flint taxpayers $1.1 million dollars. A subsequent independent audit of Puckett’s Finance Department showed widespread mismanagement and a lack of transparency which ultimately cost taxpayers.

“Puckett’s behavior in Flint shows a frightening pattern that is evident today in how he handles Apple Valley residents’ tax dollars. He demonstrates an utter lack of transparency, and crafts budgets that we have routinely called a ‘shell game’ for the way they obscure spending,” said Diana J. Carloni, an Apple Valley resident and local attorney.

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Town of Apple Valley spent $54,560 of taxpayer funds pursuing ballot measure


Mayor Barb Stanton whoops it up at a taxpayer-funded junket

After repeated lies from persons such as Pat Orr, Barb Stanton, Rick Piercy and others — who falsely claimed that Liberty Utilities could use money from ratepayers’s water bills to support Measure V (they can’t) — came the revelation that the Town had actually been the ones spending taxpayers’ hard earned dollars to pursue their “blank check” guarantee measure.
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Local Control? Town Council considering shifting operations of AVR to City of Victorville

free government cheese
Apple Valley’s Town Government is considering contracting water operations out to an outside contractor, or even to the City of Victorville.

That fact was revealed at the Town of Apple Valley’s first Environmental Impact Report (scoping meeting), included in the original EIR Initial Study‘s telling words:

“There are several options for management of the system, including, but not limited to, management by the Town itself, management by a private contractor hired by the Town, or management by a qualified public agency.”

At the July 7th scoping meeting, the “qualified public agency” was determined to be none other than the City of Victorville.

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 9.45.15 PM

Apple Valley’s Town Government Made a Slip in Transparency … It Won’t Happen Again!

So much for local control.

Apple Valley Ranchos has always, and will continue, to operate with LOCAL management and LOCAL employees.

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