Documents show Apple Valley finance head left Flint, MI, Finance Dept. in shambles

For the first time, read the entire Flint Journal archives below, detailing how Apple Valley’s finance expert—Marc Puckett—resigned in disgrace from the City of Flint, before leaving the City of Flint’s finances in shambles.

For a briefer version, read our report on The Flint-Apple Valley Connection, released in 2016.

Click here to download the Puckett Files directly.

Here is a brief overview of the articles in the Flint Journal archives below:

  • Page 1: $9 million pension fund transfer raises questions with Council
  • Page 3: Realizing that the amount not transferred to pension fund was almost double amount Puckett previously reported—audit immediately called for.
  • Page 5: Marc Puckett resigns under fire for pension flap
  • Page 7: City of Flint’s Retirement Board calls for independent manager after Puckett resignation
  • Page 11: Puckett threatens to sue Council members who criticize him
  • Page 14: Flint taxpayers have to pay $1.1 million to the City’s retirement system for Puckett’s mismanagement
  • Page 16: Auditors find that under Puckett, Flint misdirected $1 million in tax funds to wrong entities
  • Page 18: Puckett cashes in on $6,000 in unused vacation time. Flint City Council incensed.
  • Page 20: Auditors find that, under Puckett, state taxes have not been paid for 3 years
  • Page 22: Mayor Woodrow Stanley (who would later be recalled), appoints new Finance Head.
  • Page 24: Newspaper editorial saying that Mayor who hired Puckett should share blame in finance woes
  • Page 26: Outside auditor shows multiple shortfalls in Flint financial department
  • Page 28: Top Flint officials leave and cash in
  • Page 30: Op-ed discussing Flint’s financial chaos, still going 2 years after Puckett’s resignation
  • Page 32: Mayor Stanley is facing recall (he was later recalled) for problems with City’s finance department

Going back before Puckett’s Flint resignation:

  • Page 34: Puckett gets financial reward (same he got in Apple Valley for 5 years)
  • Page 35: 1995 story accusing Puckett of withholding payment¬†from Mayor’s opponent
  • Page 37: Water rates start rising under Puckett!
  • Page 40: More water rate increase drama.
  • Page 42: Retirement firm accuses Puckett of favoritism

Puckett post-Flint:

  • Page 44: City puts finance chief (Puckett) on leave. He later resigned.

Puckett Files by AV CGA on Scribd