Citizens for Government Accountability


Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability is made up of Apple Valley residents and business people dedicated to bringing fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency to our local government.

Fiscal Responsibility

The current Town Council and Town administration continue to spend millions of dollars on high-priced attorneys, PR consultants, and political advertising, diverting money from priorities such as public safety, infrastructure, and community programs.

The Town of Apple Valley should focus on key priorities of government, and not on taking over private businesses and properties.


Apple Valley’s Town Council pulls from multiple department budgets to waste millions of dollars on attorneys, advertising, and other power grab measures — which only go towards expanding the size of the government structure.

The Town of Apple Valley should release any and all documents that reveal how much money has been spent on the water company takeover, and resume a monthly update on takeover spending.


As violent crime rises in Apple Valley, and the Town continues with deficit spending in multiple areas of its budget, actions that spend money on unnecessary and frivolous items should be eliminated.

The Town of Apple Valley should redirect that money toward other parts of the Town budget.

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Leadership committee

The Apple Valley citizens below have taken the lead on shining a light on activities in Apple Valley Town Government, and we encourage you to join us by clicking here!

Diana Carloni-O’Malley

Greg Raven

Kerry Henard

For more information and background material, check out What are we doing?

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