I protest the proposed solid waste rate increases

Representatives of the Town of Apple have a long track record of monetary (and other) mismanagement, and of lying to the public. This behavior should not be rewarded with more money, as giving the representatives of the Town of Apple Valley more money virtually guarantees more monetary mismanagement in the future.

The Town has spent years lying about Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, Carlyle, and Liberty Utilities, including false promises about decreasing water rates in the event of the Town seizing the water company, false representations of the costs involved in this seizure, and false claims about the probability of the success of the seizure. The judge who rendered judgment against the Town in this case cited many instances of statements by the Town that were at variance with long-running Town narratives. Talk about being hung by the tongue.

The Town has also spent years lying about how much it takes to administer a defunct RDA fund, getting the maximum available fees while delivering the minimum possible results.

The Town has also spent years promising to cut spending, while spending has increased. Examples of reckless spending by the Town are visible everywhere.

Former Town council member Barb Stanton said that the last solid waste rate increase was to help fund the seizure of the water company. Given that virtually the same persons are currently running the Town as when she was on the Town council, I have zero confidence that this proposed rate increase is legitimate, warranted, or necessary.

Until and unless the Town can demonstrate five straight years of fiscal responsibility, and eliminate the widespread misfeasance and malfeasance that plagues our local governance, I oppose all rate increases for any reason whatsoever. Therefore, I protest these proposed solid waste rate increases.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

One thought on I protest the proposed solid waste rate increases

  1. I wonder if, instead of referring to The Town when making statements about official positions on issues, it would be more beneficial and productive to name names responsible for making those representations?
    Come election time, citizens paying attention will know which elected miscreants to remove from office.

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