Apple Valley’s Measure O (Olive)

I’m opposed to Measure O in Apple Valley. The town government wants to raise our sales tax by 1% due to the COVID-caused economic downturn. The measure claims eight police officers would be hired with money raised. After 44 in law enforcement, I always support the police. Here are my reasons for no on O.

Californians already pay exorbitant taxes. They’ll not go down ever again, considering that once-great California is a third-world country. I know 1% doesn’t sound like much, but consider everything you pay sales tax on, including the ridiculous price of gasoline.

The economy is rebounding. If President Trump is reelected it’ll completely rebound. Notice the town fathers didn’t state in the measure that once the economy rebounds the tax hike will end. Government never gives back what it takes!

The town remains involved in the much-hyped takeover of Liberty Utilities, which has cost us millions. Research to see the amounts we’ve spent and will probably spend for a company that serves us well. If the town fails, money spent will only enrich the lawyers. If you think the takeover will bring lower water bills, do your due diligence. Government manages nothing for less or better than private companies.

Concerning extra deputies, the town is playing smoke and mirrors. The eight deputies will receive eight to ten regular days off plus about ten holidays a year. Divide them into two or three watches and you’ll be lucky to see one additional officer on the street during a shift. This doesn’t include sick days, vacations, injuries.

As with any government, plenty of taxpayer dollars are wasted. Al Rice has written often about waste in town government.

This is why the Beatles’ song Taxman is California’s state song, and why my family’s moving to Texas next year.

John R. Olive, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press