To the voters of Apple Valley (Inger)

Our Town Council politicians, through an apparent addiction to spending, have decided to save the people, by announcing a 1% sales tax increase be put on the November ballot.

They declare that if we the people don’t give them the 1% that they will be forced to, in some form, curtail safety issues as well as services.

Mr. Robertson, at the last Council meeting, reminded the Council that even if approved by voters, this increase could not be designated for specific uses under state laws. Where will it go if we approve it? Directly into the general fund, where it will continue to be spent on their addiction to spending.

Perhaps another windmill? Perhaps another version of the Hilltop House? Perhaps another sewer plant addition that is non-operational like the one at Brewster? Perhaps to shore up a drooping water acquisition plan that, so far, has cost the town probably in excess of 9 million with that trial far from over and more (way more) costs to come?

I say no my fellow townsfolks, educate yourselves on the finances of your town and make the politicians responsible for their overspending addiction. Vote no this November on this 1% increase.

Bill Inger, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press