Request for online access to final arguments (Carloni)

Hon. David R. Alvarez, Judge
San Bernardino County Superior Court Justice Center — Dept. S23
247 W. Third Street
San Bernardino, California 92415

RE: Town of Apple Valley v. Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, Liberty Utilities, et al. — CIVDS 1600180 Public Access to Closing Arguments — Eminent Domain

Dear Judge Alvarez:

I am writing as an individual resident of the Town of Apple Valley and on behalf of other residents, who have inquired of me of the possibility of attending the closing arguments in the above-referenced case.

I, and others I like me, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, have attended various dates of testimony, in support of the Defendants. In addition, as you may recall, there was quite a full courtroom during the opening statements.

I am sure that there is an equal interest to attend the closing arguments by those in support of the Plaintiff, as well as interest by both Liberty Utilities and Town employees. However, the constraints of the current courthouse requirements limit the ability of any outside interested member of the public and party-affiliated person to attend.

Would it be possible to broadcast the closing arguments over a video conferencing system, available to all who wish to connect? Judge Pacheco hosted a town hall type meeting through the BlueJeans App, on June 18, 2020. Using the BlueJeans App and making it available to members of the public, may be the answer to public access and attendance at the closing argument. Other subscription services may also be available, but as the court appears to be testing the BlueJeans App, this may create an opportunity for real-time use of the service. All attendees via BlueJeans would be muted, so no one could interrupt or create background noise.

I have heard that there will be a briefing schedule, prior to oral closing arguments, that may afford the opportunity to install and test this service. I respectfully ask that the Court consider this request.

As a courtesy to trial counsel, I have provided a copy of this letter to Plaintiff and Defendant.

Yours truly,

DIANA J. Carloni
Attorney at Law and Apple Valley Resident

20200706 David Alvarez From Diana Carloni by Greg Raven on Scribd