Hidden light on TOAV financials (Rice)

The Apple Valley town manager was hired in January 2018 with financial expertise emphasized to solve deficiencies; assistant town managers were let go. Today, there is no final budget for 2019-20, missing the legal deadline again for a month+. There also is a Prop 218 legal settlement of $3.15 million including $1+ million in legal fees expense, refusal to make any simple column calculation of monthly treasury reports for $50 million investment values management, no fund balances and no monthly department reports.

Council staring deadpan straight ahead, but it is responsible for Town Hall performance and residents are wondering if they are liable for $4 million in water legal fees. Are these continued downward signals pointing to an implosion coming soon with more departures? Has anyone found the $15 million plus in missing documents or will it be a writeoff financially with more debt? Any golfers playing on tables at the State of the Town lunch to solve the golf course as reported to be coming soon?

Al Rice, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press