Vote for change (Carloni)

Apple Valley has been on a downward trend for the last four years. The proof of this is the depletion of its reserves to “zero” in order to balance the budget, despite the Town Council bragging about a balanced, “award-winning” budget, and now borrowing millions in a “payday loan” to continue its lifestyle on credit. It’s spending millions of your dollars on the takeover of a water system it can’t afford, and for which it lacks adequate knowledge to operate. It lost one suit over improperly imposing fees on the residents and another is still pending. The only award I see the Town winning is a “Razzie.”

Our current status quo has given us a debtor way of life, which is not the stability we want or need. Why are significant town staff leaving? Is it because they can see the handwriting on the wall? The future holds debt, layoffs, continually-increasing service rates, and higher town fees. A vote for the bobble-head incumbents is a vote for a continuation of policies that have already proven to be disastrous for our community.

Change is desperately needed.

Candidate Bryen Wright is such a refreshing change. He runs a business, has responsibilities, worries about making the (W)right choices, and challenges old assumptions. He does not care what other politicos think about him, he is focused on doing what is (W)right for the community. I urge voters to call him, speak with him, more importantly, vote for him. He is a lifelong resident, father, businessman, and individual wholly committed to this town, not his ego. I urge your strong consideration and vote for Bryen Wright.

Diana J. Carloni, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press