Who are ‘Neighbors United’?

If you’ve seen their misleading ads and other materials over the years, you may wonder who Neighbors United are and why they support everything done by the Town Council.

Neighbors United’s two main active members are Pat Orr (who owns several Little Caesar’s Pizzas in the area) and Bill McDaniel (retired). Given Orr’s political activism, you may wonder why the Daily Press (via the Apple Valley Review) keeps him on as a columnist.

As of October 4, 2018, Neighbors United reported:

Donations received
Source Amount
Lovingood for Supervisor $5,000.00
Burrtec $2,900.00
Coldwell Banker $1,000.00
All Care Pharmacy, Victorville $1,000.00
Larry Cusack $1,000.00
High Desert Jobs Pac #1394482 $ 850.00
Jayco Industries $ 750.00
Art Bishop $ 524.00
Pat Orr $ 500.00
Little Caesars Pizza $ 500.00
Kari Leon $ 500.00
B R Tinsley $ 250.00
Daniel Mitrovich $ 250.00
Scott Nassif $ 250.00
Thurston Smith $ 200.00
Richard Whittinham $ 200.00
McDaniel Family Trust $ 200.00
Joel Harrison $ 175.00
Doug Qualls $ 150.00
Less than $100 $ 198.00
Donations paid out
Beneficiary Amount
Emick $1,396.28
Leon $1,396.28
Nassif $1,396.28

Neighbors United has a Facebook page, but they allow no comments. Dissension is not tolerated.

They have been notified in writing more than once about falsehoods in their published pieces, but to date have neither responded no corrected any error.