Most Corrupt Politician winners

Several weeks ago we asked readers to cast their votes to determine the most corrupt politicians in the high desert. We have received many votes in our comment section and by email. We also received many comments about why the politician voted for were the most corrupt. We will try to give a summary for each politician that describes why they were voted for. It seems the high desert is loaded with many “good” corrupt candidates.


4. Scott Nassif, Apple Valley

Nassif has been in office longer than just about any other politician in the high desert. He is known for being somewhat slow but well meaning. It has been said his wife is who runs his business while he putters around. As far as accomplishments they are hard to find. The town has slid financially and we are no closer to owning a water system. Many have said Nassif has steered money to his businesses from the town council and other boards he sits on for the town. He has also benefited from the town paving a private road where he owns property. Here are some of the reasons sent to us.

  • Nassif had town money used to change expensive plaques on the Yucca Loma bridge so that a new plaque could be installed listing him as Mayor.
  • He was a strong supporter of a top heavy town government that has helped cause a financial crisis.
  • He has directed the town not to release information on how much the Liberty suit has cost the town.
  • Nassif knows the town is close to bankruptcy but he is delaying any information until after the election.


Source: High Desert Insider