Apple Valley money saving

I’ve been critical of the Town of Apple Valley’s plan regarding the takeover of the water company, in part because I thought they would never be able to run it as efficiently as Liberty Utilities. Their previously-stated plan to fire the upper management and replace them with more expensive (and less qualified) government employees seemed just part of the insanity.

Today, we learned that the town has a new plan, one that is certain to allow them to lower rates from day one (With Greg Snyder set to resign, Apple Valley to lose key water expert, Daily Press).

Says Town Manager Doug Robertson, If we are successful in court, I look forward to welcoming current Liberty staff as town employees, from maintenance to management.

So the new plan is to retain the upper management and staff, but at the higher pay rates of government employees, with all the benefits that government employees receive over and above those in the private sector. And then, there will be a Town Manager and another director supervising the existing management, each of whom will have an exorbitant compensation package.

Thus, the town’s plan to improve our way of life in Apple Valley includes buying the water company we already have at a cost of up to $200 million at an interest rate of up to 12 percent, increasing the costs of payroll and benefits, and lowering water rates.

What could possibly go wrong?

Greg Raven, Apple Valley

Published: Daily Press