AV Pal and the Mud Run (Lee)

These water well costs for Horsemen’s Center, and the Mud Run that followed, really got me thinking. As Al Rice knows, there is an issue that has stuck in my craw for some time. After hearing complaints from others, I long ago started to look at the non-profit situation in the High Desert. These recent issues above fall right into this category.

If I am missing something in the following, please feel free to share your documented knowledge.

The town, for the past two years has spent a great deal on the well at Horsemen’s Center, as evidenced by the warrants issued by the Town of Apple Valley (TOAV).

Following that, the Mud Run event is held at Horsemen’s Center. This is allegedly an AV Pal fundraising event.

Well, in fact, the AV Pal is a registered non-profit with the IRS, and also with the CA Secretary of State. However, it is not registered with, nor makes any filings, of their 990 Forms or their fundraisers with the CA Attorney General.

I was able to locate the 990 Filings for 2013, 2014, and 2015, and then nothing after that.

Interesting things in those reports:

As of 2015, they have amassed assets totaling just over a $250,000.

Both Nassif and Cusack sit on the board. Other members include Dennis Cron, in the past, who it states spent three hours a week on this (were those his town work hours or after work hours?). So is the former Trish Hill, now Trish Trumpler, who spends 28 hours a week (again, are those contract hours paid by the residents, or after work hours?). And then there is a Sgt.-At-Arms who does 40 hours a week, an unfamiliar name that changes each year. Not sure how he is paid for all his hours. Any thoughts, like is this a deputy paid via the Sheriff contract?

Continuing on, I see an expense for Leased Employees in the amount of $36,659. Is this reimbursement to the Town for the above referenced hours, and if so, where is this income in the annual budget/CAFR? I ask this because I see in the TOAV budget salaries for the Boxing Coach and the Sr. Office Assistant in the Grants section.

From whom does the PAL program lease their building, the Town? If so, so much for the Town’s support for the program, and that would mean the taxpayers pay twice, because they already paid for the building, and now they donate to again pay for the building.

Did the PAL program actually have two 1965 Plymouth Fury vehicles donated for restoration? I ask because the filings claim one was donated in 2012 and restoration completed in 2013. Then another was donated in 2015 and again completed in 2015. And, what happened to this/these restored vehicle(s)? Was there an auction or raffle?

Looking at the figures on their Mud Runs:

2014 — They took in $30,628 and after paying cash prizes and expenses (including renting the facility from the town), had expenses of $25,442, so they raised $5,1786.

2015 — They took in $34,767 and after no cash prizes and expenses (including renting the facility from the town), had expenses of $19,052, so they raised $15,715, a much better year.

Sort of puts into perspective when we hear the Mud Run made $30,000-40,000.

Finally, where are the 2016 and 2017 990 Forms?

Count your blessings I did not go into the whole Non-Profit Pyramid Scheme going on in the High Desert.

990 Filings are available if anyone is interested, just ask.

Leane Lee

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