Letter: I can’t believe this is happening (Schepis)

Have they lost their minds? Let me see if I have this right. According to an earlier Daily Press Article, Angela Valles quotes Apple Valley Town Manager Doug Robertson as saying Apple Valley’s financial reserve in 2012 was $9,200,506 and today it’s $501,000.

It is worth noting that every member of our current Town Council was in office or had been elected in 2012, so it would appear our current Town Council has managed to deplete our financial reserve by more than $8.5 million, spending more than we were earning on such grand investments as paying a select group of seven employees (according to the 2017 Transparent California Database) more than the total compensation of the Governor of California and an additional 17 employees more than our elected state Legislators, large legal fees for a neverending fight with Liberty Utilities, and PR fees etc.

Now, I read the Town Council is considering borrowing up to $10 million against future earnings (as I recall, the maximum interest rate was set at 12 percent) to provide a reserve against future anticipated costs. (Boy, the $8.5 million would sure come in handy, eh?) I believe this kind of borrowing in the Business world be considered poor financial management and a preamble to financial disaster.

But, on to the good news. The Council has decided we are so flush with extra money we can afford to pay up to $484,565 for paving and sidewalks on private property (John Glenn Road). The fact two of the Council members (non-voting members) own or have an interest in property located on John Glenn Road I’m sure had nothing to do with the Council’s decision.

The voting members (except Barb Stanton) just happened to believe it made more sense to spend $484,565 to improve private property than to improve town-owned property. What a perfect example of our Town Council’s financial irresponsibility and lack of basic business judgement. The two non-voting Council members will benefit from the improvements while the taxpayers get the bill. Such a deal.

As previously suggested by Angela Valles, I believe it’s time for a Grand Jury inquiry into the conduct of this Council and their business practices.

Dean Schepis, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press