Situation politics (Bell)

The Town Council of Apple Valley should do a much better job of managing the town’s business and financial affairs. On paper, we have a majority of what appear to be well qualified (members), however their performance is far from what one would expect from such qualified individuals. As an example: We have a Town Council consisting of three successful business men, one socialist, and one gadfly.

None of the three businessmen would run their businesses as they allow the bureaucrats to run the town’s business. I’ll wager that they all make a profit, have money in the bank, have one less employee than they could use effectively, would not borrow more money than their business could support, and none of them have vast sums of unfunded liabilities. They all most assuredly have reserves to cover fluctuations in business income, and pay their bills on time. I doubt that they have to audit their employee use of the company credit card(s). Yet they oversee and allow all of this as elected town officials.

The socialist member would approve, and expand if he could, anything the government bureaucrat management would propose to ensure that the bureaucracy stayed intact or expanded. I refer to the other member as a gadfly, as she was formerly a very prominent critic of many of the very positions she now joins the others in supporting. She was originally elected based on her vocal watchdog comments of Town Council actions.

As voters we can only hope and encourage these same elected Town Council members to use the same effective business practices they have successfully demonstrated in running their own businesses and no longer rely on the advice and recommendations of overpaid government bureaucrats who are far less qualified than they to run the town’s business.

Lee Bell, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press