Safer and safer

In 1988 when the Town of Apple Valley incorporated, the population was 41,387 and there were six policemen. By 2013, the population had increased 67% to 69,135, but the police department had increased 750% to 51.

Now we learn that the town’s public safety contract has increased by $4.1 million over an eight-year period, that costs are projected to increase by $1.2 million over the next two years, there are additional costs on the horizon, and that our current annual increases of $500,000 or more are currently not sustainable, even with more growth (Apple Valley adopts ‘flat’ budget, Daily Press, July 11, 2017).

This is difficult to reconcile with the Town’s motto: A better way of life.

Maybe the answer is linked to the signs at the Town borders, which read, We are building an inclusive community.

For those unfamiliar with liberal hate speech, what this means is that if you — like the founders of Apple Valley — love the desert, are an upstanding citizen, and support yourself, you aren’t wanted by those in Town Hall.

Why? Law-abiding, self-sufficient citizens don’t need more or bigger government, so they must be replaced with those who either rely on or need the control of the government.

And that is just where we find ourselves today, not only nationally but right here in Apple Valley. Maybe it is not a coincidence that the area around Town Hall has the nickname Felony Flats.

Congratulations, Town Hall. Great job.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

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