Overpaid city employees

A recent letter writer’s comment that it must be easier for the Town of Apple Valley to pay its employees out of our pockets must be true because all the employees just got a raise. The Town Manager will receive an increase of about $13,000 as of July 1.

As I have said before, the Town Manager and assistant managers currently make more than U.S. Congressmen. The Speaker of the House makes $30,100 more than a Congressmen and still makes less than our Town Manager does, before this raise. With this raise, he makes about $79,000 more than the governor of California.

There is a list of the most overpaid city managers in California. On that list is Sunnyvale, with a population of 150,000. (That is more than twice the size of Apple Valley.) The Sunnyvale city manager gets approximately 15 percent more than Apple Valley’s Town Manager.

It sure can’t be much longer before Apple Valley gets on this list.

Lawrence McCarthy, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press