Town raises user/permit fees (Carloni)

Oh, how classic is the irony! The Town of Apple Valley complains about increases in water rates; but it has raised town fees paid by its residents (use of town facilities, parks and recreation, aquatics center, sign permits, building permits, recreation programs, animal control) by 2.7% with a simple public hearing on June 27, 2017, buried in the adoption of the budget. That is the raise for this year! Did you know that in 2006 the same fees were raised 4.5%; in 2007 the fees were raised 4.0%; in 2013 the fees were raised 6.37%; in 2014 the fees were raised 1%; in 2015, a half percent; in 2016 the fees were raised 1.7%; and, now in 2017, the fees are raised 2.7%?

I guess raising rates is only okay if you are the Town. Nary a concern for the residents who use the services here. Seems to me the Town speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Diana J. Carloni, Town Resident

Webmaster note: This works out to almost 3 percent in annual increases, and almost 23 percent overall compared to 2005.