Mayor Nassif threatens lawsuit challenging results when Measure F loses

In a Facebook Live interview with the Daily Press’s Matthew Cabe, Mayor Nassif — representing the Yes on Measure F campaign — suggested that the Council would look at challenging the results if Measure F loses.

When asked what would happen if Measure F lost, Nassif stated (at 25:35 in the video): If Measure F doesn’t pass, we’ll have to regroup and figure out how we’re going to move forward … if we’re going to move forward … there’s a lot of decisions that the Council will have to make. What are our options … whether it be legally challenging the vote, legally challenging Measure V. There are a lot of things that the Council will have to digest.

He’s talking about challenging a measure approved by 67 percent of voters that simply gave citizens the right to vote on debt they would have to repay! They know voters oppose Measure F’s $500 water fee increase, and never wanted the people to have a voice.

Make your voice heard Tuesday by voting No on F.