Sticker Shock: Yes on Measure F campaign forced to fix sign violation following FPPC complaint

Last week, the Yes on F campaign placed large signs throughout the Town — but failed to disclose properly who the signs were from, in clear violation of FPPC regulations.

On Monday, Apple Valley resident Pat Hanson filed a complaint against the FPPC about the size of the disclosure.

As of this morning, seemingly in response to the FPPC complaint, the signs have had a corrective. No word on whether the FPPC will follow up with any fines for breaking campaign law.

If they can’t even follow simple campaign rules, how are they going to handle the cleanliness and safety of a major water system? Placing a $500 or more water fee-each year-to pay off the debt is a certainty.

We’re pretty sure that future Yes on F campaign materials — especially ones with Mayor Nassif — will include the right disclaimers.

Congratulations to citizen activist Pat Hanson for keeping those in power in check!

20170427 FPPC Complaint against Yes on F by Pat Hanson by gregraven on Scribd