Letter: Fingers in cookie jars

Re: Apple Valley: Water vote looms after Council’s approval of special election, Daily Press, 3/10/17 …

It seems to me that the Apple Valley Town Council, in their attempt to produce government regulated revenue, is willing to destroy the town in the process. The town-run golf course comes to mind. What about the revitalization of Hilltop House? The town-run electrical grid? They have their fingers into so many cookie jars that they are unable to turn a profit in any of them. But, the next one will be the winner.

The people already voted on the acquisition. But the Town Council will spare no expense (footing the bill on the taxpayer) in their attempt to find a way to override the already declared will of the people of Apple Valley. They find the best lawyers your money can buy. All the while, screaming about how the town needs more money to survive, when they’re the ones showing us that they are unable to be responsible with what we have already given them. The current leaders of our town (most of them) are like someone hooked on gambling. They spend every cent they have hoping for that one big payoff. Meanwhile, their family starves, they lose everything they own, and go into a debt they can never hope to get out of aside from bankruptcy. These are the people we elected.

I say let the free market rule. The free market will determine the profit producers and weed out the money pits.

This is the desert, people. It is a desert for a reason. If you cannot afford some elaborate landscaping, you shouldn’t have one. If you can, you should be able to get the water to sustain one. Our elected officials seem to have the need to make it harder than it needs to be.

Algot Stephenson, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press