Who’s in charge of what in Apple Valley?


By Kerry Henard

Ninety percent of Kerry’s videos expose issues that fall under the auspices of the Public Works department. And who runs the Public Works department? Greg Snyder. And why does that matter? Because the Town seems to be counting on Mr. Snyder to run the $150,000,000 water system it wants to buy!

Snyder reports to Town Manager Frank Robinson, who apparently doesn’t care about anything but his paycheck and his outsized pension. (Remember that it was Snyder initially who didn’t even tell Robinson that his crew had cut the locks at the golf course to the Liberty Utilities well. Yet no one lost his job over that one.) Frank Robinson reports to the Town Council, none of whom seems to care, either. This is not a breakdown in communication, as Frank Robinson tried to spin it, but a culture of incompetence, wrapped in a culture of corruption, with a bodyguard of lies to protect it.

Remember to vote no on Measure F at the June 2017 election.