We know what’s best for you

There seems to be an attitude prevalent among the Apple Valley town staff and Town Council that we know what is best for you and the citizenry should be glad they don’t have to think about the water and electricity issue any more.

When going to buy a new car, some forward-thinking buyers go to the trouble of renting the model they are interested in and driving it for a few days, or even taking it on a road trip. When we were courting, we got to know the person we were dating better over a period of time.

Why when we want to wait to see how this takeover of water and electricity works out before we decide to move to the town’s position are we considered naysayers and resisters rather than cautious purchasers?

If this turns out to be a good deal for us, we might consider joining the program, but it is our choice to make, not theirs.

Richard Rorex, Apple Valley

Source: Daily Press