Is the Town using taxpayer funds to campaign?

Leaked e-mails show Town PR firm campaigning for bond measure.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has been clear — even as recently as 2010 — about forbidding municipalities from using taxpayer funds to campaign for bond measures.

Leaked e-mails from the Town’s PR firm — 20/20 Network — have been sent to us, showing one of its employees organizing supporters to show up and speak in favor of a $150 million bond measure the City is voting on tonight.

You can see the leaked e-mails here and here.

Note the times of the emails — 3:49 pm and 3:51 pm. The notice to the public did not even go out to the public until 5:30 pm — the day before the meeting!

How long has the Town been using taxpayer dollars via payments to 20/20 network for political consulting and organizing purposes?

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