BREAKING: Apple Valley Illegally Spending Taxpayer Funds on Political Campaign Materials—and Planning on Spending More!


First we learned that the Town had spent $50,000 to an anti-gun, hot shot Democratic law firm in Sacramento.

In a just published article by the Daily Press, it is pointed out that they included bogus information about Measure W and Measure V in the Town’s newsletter.

Estimated Price: $12,000

Recently, an article in The Flash Report blog stated that:

The newsletter is neither impartial nor merely informational as the law demands.

When shenanigans like this take place, public trust in elected officials wanes.

The Town’s newsletter with the false analysis of Measure V and W was questionable enough, but just this past week, residents were greeted by a clear campaign mailer that distorted the issue in Measure W’s favor.

The mailer falsely paints the picture the Measure W’s change in the law is directly related to the water system, when the actually text of Measure W says that it is about anything except the water system.

Actual language of Measure W states:

No ordinance or resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds or other forms of public debt in an amount exceeding five million dollars ($5,000,000) to provide funds for the acquisition, construction, improvement, or financing of an enterprise, secured by revenues derived from the operation of the enterprise, shall become effective unless approved by the voters, except as provided herein.

It then lists the four requirements that are already required by law or done by the Town of Apple Valley.  Measure W actually excludes action on the water system.

Mailer price to every household: $20,000.

Estimated total so far: $82,000 of taxpayer funds spent on political campaigning.

Now, the Town is set to vote on Tuesday night to Support Measure W and Oppose Measure V, authorizing spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on political campaign mailers and other resources to benefit the very politicians that are up for re-election.


Write the Town Clerk so that she can forward your concerns to the Town Council: [email protected]

You can also make your voice known by attending the Town Council meeting on the night of Tuesday, October 26th, and tell them NOT to spend one more dime on political campaign materials!