7 unanswered questions related to the ‘Flint-Apple Valley Connection’



Yesterday, influential conservative blog The Flash Report published an article which included summaries of the Flint-Apple Valley Report, which we released mid-September—sharing these nagging issues with a much wider audience.

At the end of the report, we posed 7 questions to our Town Government officials and Town Council members. Not one of them has been answered.

Instead of answers from Finance Director Marc Puckett, or anyone else in Town Government, we were subjected to defensive, carefully crafted letters to the editor from Council members calling these questions mean-spirited.

The questions still matter, and they are still unanswered.

  1. Did the Town Council know about Puckett’s Flint, MI past when he was hired in 2010?
  1. Why was Marc Puckett put on leave in Costa Mesa before his resignation in 2009?
  1. Why was Marc Puckett dismissed from his position in Eastpointe, MI, prior to working for Flint?
  1. Is Marc Puckett’s Finance Department making correct pension transfers to its retirement fund?
  1. Is Marc Puckett’s Finance Department paying the appropriate amount of taxes?
  1. Will Marc Puckett under-invest in the Town’s water system, as he did in Flint, if a takeover is successful?
  1. How do we know that the numbers that Puckett is presenting are reliable?