Town of Apple Valley spent $54,560 of taxpayer funds pursuing ballot measure


Mayor Barb Stanton whoops it up at a taxpayer-funded junket

After repeated lies from persons such as┬áPat Orr, Barb Stanton, Rick Piercy and others — who falsely claimed that Liberty Utilities could use money from ratepayers’s water bills to support Measure V (they can’t) — came the revelation that the Town had actually been the ones spending taxpayers’ hard earned dollars to pursue their blank check guarantee measure.

From the Daily Press story:

Between February and May, the town paid more than $50,000 to a Sacramento-based law firm for advice services related to Measure W, the town’s alternative to Measure V, the Liberty Utilities-backed Right to Vote on Debt Act.

The amount paid for the ‘ballot measure advice’ services of Remcho, Johansen & Purcell LLP totaled $54,560.28, invoices obtained in a public records request show.

You can read the rest here, but for over $50,000, what do you think are the chances are that for that amount, there was more than enough political advice — taxpayer funded political advice — included for good measure.