More dumping at the Horsemens’ Center (video)


by Kerry Henard

The Town doesn’t care what you want, or what you do to try to get them to represent you. They are going to do what they want, no matter what.

That’s your local control.

In this video you will see four illegal street sweeper dumps at the Town of Apple Valley’s Horsemens’ Center.

We checked with the surrounding cities in the high desert, and they all dump their street sweeper collections at the San Bernardino County Dump site.

We checked with the County of San Bernardino, and they agree that the Town should be taking the street sweeper collections to the county dump.

Frank Robinson, Town Manager, apparently does not agree. Maybe with his “local control,” anything he does is legal.

If so, then burglary, destruction of private property, trespassing on private property, grand theft water, dumping hazardous waste on private property, illegal set-backs the Town buildings, multiple electrical code violations, numerous safety hazards, town-wide maintenance issues, multiple ADA code violations, etc., are all legal when the Town does it under Frank’s administration.

Maybe the Town should change its motto to “A better place for waste.”