Town of Apple Valley’s ‘local control’ (video)

By Kerry Henard

Exploding the myth of local control.

Apple Valley — A better waste of life.

  • As you can see,the Town of Apple Valley and Frank Robinson do not have control of what they already locally control, and what we show in this video is literally 50 feet from the town manager’s office located at the civic center.
  • How would the Town handle the electrical requirements at a water pumping station should they have local control of the municipal water system … 14-3 SO cord (extension cord) buried in the ground will not meet the national electrical code requirements.
  • Frank, your attempt to deflect the attention away from your embarrassment when it was proven that Liberty Utilities owned the vault at the golf course by stating that this is one more reason why the town should own the water company. If we had local control of the water system this would not have happened was received by the public as a childish, immature statement. Your dillusional concept of local control as a public relations strategy has been, is going to be, and will continue to be proven over and over again as a concept the town does not have the ability to master.
  • If what you mean by your statement about local control is that it will keep the municipal water system organized, maintained, efficiently managed, reliable, and safe for the citizens of Apple Valley, we, the citizens, already have that in our relationship with Liberty Utilities. Based on the forty-five+ videos on YouTube exposing the town’s lack of local control why would the citizens want to relinquish the water system to town management idiots?