Diana Carloni presents letter to the Apple Valley Town Council (video)

Prefatory comments before presenting a letter from Citizens for Government Accountability to the Town Council members, asking that they adopt the proposed ballot measure requiring a vote for any indebtedness for enterprise projects in excess of ten million dollars.

Text of the letter:

Dear Apple Valley Town Council,

Two Apple Valley residents, Chuck and Pat Hanson, recently submitted more than 5,300 signatures from Apple Valley voters to place on the November ballot a measure that, if passed, would require voter approval for revenue bond indebtedness of more than $10 million to be used for an eminent domain takeover attempt of the local water company.

We recognize that the Town has asserted that it has a professional appraisal suggesting the water system is worth $50.3 million. This initiative does not take a position on the takeover, but rather would simply require voter approval before the Town issues bonds to cover the $50.3 million and then charges residents the cost to repay them with principal and interest.

Although we do not agree with the Town’s efforts to take over the water company, and based upon the recent Daily Press online poll, which concluded that residents were strongly opposed to an eminent domain takeover by a 54-37 percent margin, we strongly believe that at the very least, the Town’s voters should have a direct voice in borrowing $50.3 million—which would make it one of the largest single incursions of debt in Town history.

We are therefore, respectfully requesting that the Apple Valley Town Council join us in supporting this ballot measure, which will simply ensure voters will have the right to vote on debt that will be repaid by current and future generations of Apple Valley residents.


Diana Carloni
Greg Raven
Leane Lee