2015-16 Town budget hiding takeover funding?

After reviewing the voluminous 284-page draft budget document from the Town, I regret to inform you all that there is not one dollar or expenditure line item specifically identified to fund the Council-directed Ranchos Water Company takeover effort.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent, with much more to come, as well as Mayor Pro Tem Barb Stanton stating at the last Council meeting that there needs to be transparency in funding related to the takeover process, there is not a word in the narrative or dollar amount in the line items to inform the public how their tax dollars are being squandered on this unnecessary eminent domain effort.

Since we know directly from the Town Council that the eminent domain process is moving forward, and the H2Ouch misinformation campaign is still in full swing, tax dollars will continue to be spent on this effort. Where is the money for this effort coming from in the proposed budget? Is it being purposefully hidden in other funds, despite the public’s call for disclosure of these expenditures? I’ll ask at the next Council meeting on June 9th — hope to see you all there!

— TA