Apple Valley citizens form citizen’s group

Group opposes government takeover of private water company


Apple Valley, CA — Local residents, fed up with the out-of-control spending of the Apple Valley Town government in its misguided attempt to takeover Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, have banded together to form Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability.

A large number of us were at the CPUC’s public hearing in March that supported Ranchos and we believe what the Town is doing is wrong, so we decided we would have more impact if we organized, said Tamara Alaniz, the group’s main organizer, and a board member of the Apple Valley Fire Protection District.

Alaniz, an expert on water in the High Desert, recently completed a two-year contract as General Manager of the 29 Palms Water District and prior to that worked for years at Mojave Water Agency.

The Town has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the past few years on something that is only costing Apple Valley taxpayers hundreds of thousands more, Alaniz said. I talk with more and more neighbors who don’t like the direction of the Town takeover either, so something needed to be done to coordinate the interest of Town citizens.

The Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability are preparing for the upcoming special Town Council meeting on April 28th and intend to raise questions the citizen’s group doesn’t believe have been fully answered.

There are many questions for which the Town should have direct answers, stated Greg Raven, a retired publishing executive and Apple Valley resident. For example: ‘Does the Town of Apple Valley have a budget for this takeover campaign and, if so, how much is it, when was it passed, and what Town departments are paying for it? Also, how much has the Town really spent so far on this takeover campaign; and is there a spending cap? Finally, the Town seems coy about whether or not they will use eminent domain: Will they promise not to use eminent domain if they don’t get their way?

Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability is in its early stages, but plans to work in coordination with Apple Valley Ranchos as part of its No Government Takeover campaign.

The bottom line is this Town government has no one holding them accountable on this hostile government takeover of a private company, said Alaniz. They are spending our tax dollars with no public input so it’s time for more scrutiny and accountability by the citizens. Something must be done to protect the future for Apple Valley residents and businesses.

Residents interested in joining the group can sign up at