Town raises user/permit fees

Oh, how classic is the irony! The Town of Apple Valley complains about increases in water rates; but it has raised town fees paid by its residents (use of town facilities, parks and recreation, aquatics center, sign permits, building permits, recreation programs, animal control) by 2.7% with a simple public hearing on June 27, 2017, buried in the adoption of the budget. That is the raise for this year! Did you know that in 2006 the same fees were raised 4.5%; in 2007 the fees were raised 4.0%; in 2013 the fees were raised 6.37%; in 2014 the fees were raised 1%; in 2015, a half percent; in 2016 the fees were raised 1.7%; and, now in 2017, the fees are raised 2.7%?

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Will Apple Valley voters fall for Measure F’s Big Lie?

By Chris Mann
Founder, Inland Empire Taxpayers Association

California’s high desert in San Bernardino County is a great part of the Golden State. The region has consistently elected strong conservative voices to represent citizens, and the people have long stood for lower taxes and smaller government. But a big lie is going around the Town of Apple Valley that should put everyone on alert. If it can happen there, it could happen anywhere in California.

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Our investigation into the many flaws of the ‘Thornberg report’

The Apple Valley Citizens for Government Accountability has released a report that details the many flaws about the report by taxpayer-funded (by the Town of Apple Valley) political campaign economist Christopher Thornberg. What we found will shock you, and leave you scratching your head about why the Town would have brought an avowed opponent of Prop. 13 and proponent of higher taxes into this debate.

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